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Overcoming Tax Debt
Overcoming Tax Debt
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Chris Crum

Where to Begin with Tracking Social Media Marketing
Tuesday, April 21, 2009

There are times when businesses should get on board with social media marketing, and there are times when they should not. I still believe, that in most cases, it is wise to orchestrate some sort of social media strategy, but there are exceptions to every rule. When should you not use social media? Comment.

Certain instances like the following listed (and elaborated upon) by BtoB Online when you should probably avoid (or at least use more caution with) social media include:

1. You're in a high-ticket business
2. You fight with your employees
3. Management skepticism
4. Strategic vacuum
5. Privacy and regulatory concerns

But in most other cases, it is probably in your best interest to participate in online communities. A common problem associated with this however is that business owners have a hard time tracking social media efforts.

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Most web analytics solutions don't cater particularly well to social media data at this point, but that does not mean there aren't metrics that you can use to at least obtain some sense of whether or not efforts are working. Ben Parr at Mashable has a fantastic article looking at social media analytics here.

"What is your goal?" asks Parr. "Do you want to track how people are sharing your website? Do you want to track a specific social media campaign? Or maybe you're just interested in trends related to a specific meme or social media phenomenon? Each one requires different tools and different focus."

He goes on to suggest optimizing existing analytics software through plugins, setting different campaigns for different events, and reorganizing dashboards as well as setting up email reports to get all data into one place for better analysis. Par also looks at some additional analytics tools and has strategies. For those interested in the topic, I strongly recommend reading the article.

Do you have certain strategies for tracking social media marketing efforts? Care to share them with SmallBusinessNewz readers? Have at it.

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About the Author:
Chris is a content coordinator and staff writer for SmallBusinessNewz and the iEntry Network. Subscribe to SmallBusinessNewz RSS Feeds.
Twitter Opportunities Multiplying

Infusionsoft Can Double Your
Sales... Guaranteed - Apply Now
Doug Caverly By Doug Caverly

Small business owners who still don't use Twitter may want to reconsider their approach to marketing once more. Even as the service remains free, several recent developments have made it hotter - and more mainstream - than ever.

Let's start with a little competition between Ashton Kutcher and CNN. Last week, these two entities decided to pit their Twitter accounts against each other in a race to getting one million followers. Kutcher won, but of more importance is that, during the course of the race, both sides pledged to give money to humanitarian causes, and Twitter's profile was also raised.

Then there's the fact that Oprah joined Twitter on Friday. Since 100 million housewives seem to follow her every move, this is likely to result in an absolute flood of new Twitter users. Companies that market to this sort of audience should pay special attention.

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About the Author:
Doug Caverly is a staff writer for SmallBusinessNewz.
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