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Jim Connolly

What Every Business Owner Needs To Know About Fear

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fear is a major stumbling block for many business owners. It causes them to make decisions, which seriously sabotage their chances of success.

The business implications of fear

Here are just some of the ways that fear changes the decisions and actions of small business owners:
  • It causes them to do what's safe, rather than do what's right.
  • It causes them to stay predictable, rather than express their unique worth.
  • It causes them to join a group, rather than lead a group.
  • It causes them to watch, rather than 'do'.
  • It causes them to look for excuses, rather than look for answers.
  • It causes them to set puny goals, rather than goals that inspire them.
  • It causes them to wonder 'what if it fails?', rather than 'what if it works?'
  • It causes them to blame others, rather than accept responsibility.
  • It causes them to prepare for failure, rather than plan for success.
Overcoming fear

Thankfully, the fears that stand between where we are and what we want to achieve, can be overcome. Once our fears are acknowledged, we can find and apply strategies to remove them.

NOTE: I give some tips and suggestions, in this article on overcoming fear, which I wrote on another site a few days ago.


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About the Author:
Jim Connolly has worked in marketing for 24 years and had his own successful marketing business since the mid 1990's. Jim is known worldwide for his ability to help small businesses make massively more sales and boost their profits. Although Jim now works exclusively with small businesses, he has worked with people from some of the best known companies in the world. These include; The BBC, Disney, Rothschilds, Mitsibishi, Hewlett Packard, Edelman and AWD PLC plus many more. To see how he can help your small business, visit his blog at Jim's Marketing Blog.
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