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Rich Brooks

How Your Small Business Can Create Content That Attracts New Customers

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Online lead generation is critical to every small business. Our websites-and related properties-need to be constantly attracting new customers.

Content-valuable content-is what attracts prospects to our website where we can begin the process of turning them into customers.

Since so many of us turn to search engines or our favorite social media platform to answer questions and solve problems, as businesses we need to make sure that we're there, too, ready to help.

Start by Creating Valuable Content

Value is in the eye of the beholder, and in this case the only beholder that matters is your ideal customer. What are they struggling with that you can help them with?

Let's imagine you run a dentistry practice, and you're looking to get new patients for cosmetic dentistry. You might start by brainstorming some questions or concerns that your ideal customer may have:
  • What is cosmetic dentistry?
  • How much does cosmetic dentistry cost?
  • Will my insurance cover teeth bonding?
  • What's the difference between teeth bleaching and veneers?
  • What questions should I ask before choosing a dentist for cosmetic dentistry?
These questions can come from your experience, surveys, actual questions people ask you or more. For more ideas on how to come up with great content ideas, check out 13 Ideas for Writing Content Your Audience Wants to Read.

Choose Your Channels

Each one of these questions can be turned into an article, blog post, video, a webinar, or a dozen other packages. Let's assume we're going to start with "the difference between teeth bleaching and veneers." Because this is so visual, let's create a video.

The video should be short-probably two minutes or less-and focused on explaining the differences between the two approaches. If possible, we'll have the dentist who does the procedures explain them so she can build trust with her audience before they even make their appointment. We'll want to end with some sort of call-to-action: perhaps telling people that if they want to learn more they should click the link in the description field.

Or you could take advantage of YouTube's feature that allows you to link to your website. Here's a how-to on creating external links from your YouTube videos.

Before we upload it to YouTube (my video sharing platform of choice) we'll want to change the file name from whatever random name it has to something keyword rich and specific, like

As the movie uploads, we'll give our video a keyword-rich title, like "Teeth Bleaching vs. Veneers: Which Is Right for You?"

Moving on to the description field, we'll start with a URL that we want to drive viewers to... a page on our site with more information, our contact information, and a call to action. We'll continue by creating as much relevant content as we can, using our keywords a few more times within the copy.

Finally, we'll put our keywords into the tags field.

For more detail on YouTube marketing, check out How To Maximize Your YouTube Marketing.

Promote Your Content

Even though this content is part of your marketing, you'll still need to promote it to get it in front of your prospects. Since we created this content as a YouTube video, we can embed it in a blog post (among other places.)

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About the Author:
Rich Brooks is president of flyte new media, a Web site design and Internet marketing company in Portland, Maine. Flyte works with small businesses to build professional Web sites that often include e-commerce, Flash and content management systems. They promote their clients' sites through search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, business blogs and social media. You can follow him on Twitter at
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