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Site24x7 by Zoho

Websites are the lifeline of today's businesses and tracking the up-time and performance of websites from across the globe is key to business success. Any lag in the performance of your business website can be catastrophic and result in the loss of revenue and goodwill.

Site24x7, a cloud based web infrastructure monitoring service which helps you monitor your websites and servers from more than 40 locations globally.

Website Monitor

With Site24x7, you can continuously monitor your website availability at regular time intervals and in case of downtime, get immediate notification via email, SMS, RSS or Twitter. Even at times when your not at your workstation, the Site24x7 iPhone and Android apps enable you to keep a check on your website and server performance.

Site24x7's feature-rich reports section offers a varied set of reports which includes Summary, Downtime, Outage, Log, Response time reports and so on. These reports help you effectively track the availability, performance and downtime of websites and allows you to choose in receiving weekly/daily performance reports to your email address.

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