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Dan Kern

5 Content Strategies For The Web To Drive Business Goals

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Understanding the need for creating content on your website, and driving traffic, is one thing. Having that content meet your bottom-line business goals, however, is a bigger challenge that requires creative thinking combined with strategic planning. With the help of a professional SEO agency like seOverflow, the following 5 content strategies for the web will empower your content to drive targeted traffic from multiple sources (search engines, social networks, referring sites) and meet your true business goals…the ones that pay the bills.

Freemiums & White Papers (Lead Generation)

Offering free, compelling downloads to your target audience is an easy win for building newsletter lists and driving sales leads. Customers love free stuff, and it's a great way to funnel new potential customers into your buying cycle. Freemium downloads can consist of nearly any type of content that your potential customer will find valuable, but common mediums include PDF files, instructional videos, resourceful lists and even free trials.

It's important to nurture new site visitors as they enter the beginning stages of your sales funnel, but it can be challenging to drive these visitors without a proper search engine marketing strategy. Working with an SEO agency that is well-versed in keyword research and link building (both on-site, off-site and in the social networks) will ensure that you are targeting audiences through topical content that is heavily searched for…and highly sought after.

Artist Daily logo

Example: Beginning drawers will find a freemium download like this 26 Free Beginner Drawing Techniques (from Artist Daily) incredibly valuable as they begin learning the art of drawing…and it provides a win-win situation for both the website and site visitors. The website builds their newsletter lists by acquiring email addresses of potential future customers, and the site visitors receive highly valuable, free instruction on learning how to draw.

Crowdsourced Contests (Lead Generation)

Customers love to be appreciated, enjoy being part of a community…and also winning stuff. That's simply human nature. Otherwise, Las Vegas wouldn't exist, most humans would live as hermits, and customer service departments wouldn't exist. So, how can you tap into these sociological concepts with your inbound marketing and web content strategy? Simple: crowdsourced contests.

Through the help of an SEO agency, companies can execute a strategy of user-generated content targeting highly searched topics which will drive traffic, list growth/lead generation and even links (via promotion).

This Old House logo Example: This Old House created a Reader Remodel Contest, which allowed site visitors and community members to submit their own home remodel projects for the chance to win $5,000 and a 2013 GMC Sierra. The submission process included users entering their name, email address, phone number and other demographic information…allowing This Old House to nurture their online community, create content from user-generated sources and build their "marketable" newsletterlist for future contact with these site visitors.

Product Curation (eCommerce)

Creating unique content is quite the challenge for eCommerce websites in today's competitive Google landscape, and unique articles that curate products based on user interest/need is a great way to combat this.

Many site visitors to large eCommerce sites have a difficult time efficiently finding the right products for them due to the plethora of products being sold and categorized throughout the site. Leveraging the brick-and-mortar solution of floor salesmen, eCommerce sites can take this customer-centric approach to their website by simply creating helpful product guides that help site visitors with a more hands-on approach to finding the right products for them.

When coupled with the expertise of an SEO agency who can create a content strategy based on commonly searched topics in search engines, this becomes a super-charged web content strategy that will drive potential customers in cumulative fashion as time goes on.

Interweave logo Example: Interweave creates product-curating landing pages, which exist separately from their product and category pages, to help potential customers more efficiently find the right product for their particular needs. Their Best Crochet Books page offers a helpful solution for anyone interested in crochet who wants to cut to the chase and get recommendations on the top books about different niche crochet techniques.

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About the Author:
Dan Kern is an SEO Strategist for seOverflow, with over 10 years in content strategy utilizing white hat best practices to drive targeted customers and meet business goals.
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