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Rich Brooks

11 Tools to Help Your Small Business Go Digital

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Looking to make your small business more “digital?” Here are some everyday tools that will reduce your reliance on dead trees (though possibly increase your reliance on reading glasses).

There have been so many changes in technology during the seventeen years that flyte's been in business. It affects not just the type of work we do, but how we do it.

Whether you're a web developer or run a doggy day care, it's hard not to notice the new tools that make us more connected, more efficient, and hopefully more profitable in running our small businesses.

Here are a few tools that we use almost every day here at flyte.

Google Drive (formerly Google Docs)

Years ago, my project manager would print up our production calendar every week, staple it, and hand it out to our team. We'd sit around the table, make notes, and more or less make the document irrelevant before the meeting was over.

Now, we pull up a Google spreadsheet on the conference room computer and make changes in real time. (We used to project the screen onto the wall, but we found we do better when looking at each other rather than the wall, so now we just huddle around the table as we discuss each project.)


Although we've moved away from these in the past few years (due to other options), wikis are great tools for documenting and codifying specific activities your team does.

We've used wikis to document which clients are on our WordPress Care Plan, which prefer to see a test of their email newsletter before it goes out, and whose birthday is coming up next.


I can't imagine running flyte without this amazing project management software. It allows us to setup a project for each new client, assign resources, schedule milestones, coordinate handoffs, upload and store files, document scope creep, and more.

(Since you can rename and brand Basecamp, we call ours "The Hangar." Just one of the oh-so-witty puns we use here at flyte.)


You know what beats walking? Skype. It's nice to have a free piece of software that allows me to text, have group chats, and even do Jetson-like video calls without having to leave my desk and use up precious calories.

However, I may need to get a treadmill desk to make up for it.

GoToWebinar/Glance/Google Hangouts

We work with clients all over the country, but even our Maine-based clients appreciate not having to come to our offices for every meeting, especially during snowstorms.

We use all three of these video conferencing tools around the office, depending on our need.

I use GoToWebinar to repurpose my in-person presentations as webinars and reach a wider audience. By giving free webinars, we're able to build our email list quickly and cost-effectively.

We use Glance for desktop sharing to train clients remotely. Once we've built a client's website in WordPress, we train them in how to manage their site. When an in-person meeting isn't an option, Glance is a great alternative.

Google Hangouts are fantastic for group video conferencing. I've only recently started using Google Hangouts but I'm immediately starting to see the benefits. Google Hangouts wears many hats, and wears them well.

It allows you to hold group video conferences for free – something that you have to pay for with Skype. Also, the quality of the video appears better than on Skype, although your mileage may vary.

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About the Author:
Rich Brooks is president of flyte new media, a Web site design and Internet marketing company in Portland, Maine. Flyte works with small businesses to build professional Web sites that often include e-commerce, Flash and content management systems. They promote their clients' sites through search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, business blogs and social media. You can follow him on Twitter at
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