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Helen Nesterenko

25 Outreach Tools That Can Take Your Business To New Heights

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Do you think a solid content marketing strategy exempts your brand from needing to do outreach? Sorry, but it doesn’t. Check out these 25 awesome outreach tools for your smash business strategy. We’re living in an era of content saturation. Over 2 million blog posts are published each day. Research by Technorati has found that digital influencers are quickly outpacing traditional media in terms of ability to win consumer trust. The world's best-known bloggers have the ability to make or break their brand's reputation with a simple Tweet to their massive audience. Perhaps most notable is the fact that blogs fall just behind retail websites in likelihood to influence purchase decisions.

Traditional PR just isn't as effective as it used to be. It's time to discard traditional outreach tools and tactics, and focus on connecting directly with digital influencers!

To learn more about this concept, we recommend Why Digital Influencers Can Explode Your Company's Bottom Line.

Outreach isn't just important–it's crucial for brands who hope to expand their audience, develop credibility, and gain notice in a crowded online world. To streamline your entry into this practice, we've reviewed 25 of the most powerful outreach tools:

1. GroupHigh

This product is the secret behind the viral content of many notable brands, including HomeDepot, GoDaddy, and Groupon. The software acts as a one-stop shop for digital influencer outreach, allowing content marketers to quickly identify, contact, and manage communications with thought leaders.

2. InkyBee

Designed especially for agencies and PR Pros, InkyBee is a product for managing your influencer outreach and communications – with the added benefit of visually rich, easy-to-consume reporting.

3. BuzzStream

This product is robust enough to handle and track social media outreach at major enterprises, thanks to its unique feature of collaborative list-creation and maintenance. Even large outreach teams can communicate remotely with prospects, customers, and influencers thanks to its organized interface.

4. Blogger LinkUp

This free service sends emails on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays featuring guest content requests and offers, products for review, and interview opportunities. Membership allows you to both subscribe and submit requests to other content marketers.

5. BlogDash

This company's stellar outreach tools help connect brands and bloggers. Users are able to perform detailed searches on content marketers, using qualifications like reach, categories, and demographics.

6. Boomerang

Persistence can be key, which is why outreach tools that remind you to follow-up are important. Boomerang allows Gmail users to schedule outreach, and reminds you if it's time to follow-up on a message.

7. Mention

If you're starting to outgrow Google alerts, it may be time to invest in Mention – a tool which allows real-time monitoring of any keyword, from industry terms to your brand's name.

8. Signals

Gmail, Salesforce, and Outlook users can closely monitor their outreach with Signals, an app that informs you minute-to-minute when your emails are opened, read, and forwarded.

9. Klout

It's hard to define Klout – is it a social network? Or is it better categorized as outreach tools? Regardless, it's the world's leading measure of the digital influence and reach of people and brands.

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About the Author:
Apart from being a pro in business processes, Helen is a CEO and Founder of, a marketplace that provides content writing services to small and medium businesses. She helps small businesses grow, and she totally loves it.
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