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Learn the secrets of successful entrepreneurship from a two-time entrepreneur of the year.

How I captured lightning in a bottle
twice and created over HALF A

Pat Sullivan, Founder of Saleslogix and Co-Creator of ACT!, shares the 10 keys he used to create over half a billion in revenue as an entrepreneur. These are the top 10 things Pat believes every entrepreneur needs to know to be successful in business.
"I get asked a lot about what the magic bullet or secret sauce is that’s allowed me to catch lightning in a bottle more than once. The answer should be obvious: There isn’t one. If there were, everyone would be rich and successful. What I can share with you are some of the traits, habits and practices I believe increase your chances of success, and without which you’re doomed to failure (or at the very least, far less likely to succeed!)."

— Pat Sullivan, from 10 Keys to Entrepreneurial Success from a Two-Time Entrepreneur of the Year
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