New Study Shows The Power Of Podcasting For Small Business

June 9, 2016

A ComScore study focusing on podcasting proved to be good news for podcasters and advertising seeking to reach hard-to-reach audiences. In their study commissioned by Wondery, nearly on in five Americans aged 18-49 report listening to podcasts at least once a month, while nearly one in three men 18-34 do so.

Compared to the average consumer, podcast listeners are more likely to have:

  • a college or higher education
  • $100k+ household income
  • be early adopters in multiple categories including movies, electronics and CPG.

  • Hernan Lopez, Founder & CEO of Wondery commented, "Are you listening? Your hardest-to-reach consumers are." Wondery has a reason to be excited about these results considering that it is a company focused on creating and curating podcasts and then integrating brands into the mix. Podcasts have often been a hard sell for marketers because they don't typically generate a huge amount of direct response to offers. It's much more of a brand play in my opinion.

    According to ComScore, one in three podcast listeners expect to increase their podcast consumption over the next six months, following a similar increase in their behavior in the past six months.

    Podcasts can be a very effective platform for marketing according to ComScore. The study reports that two-thirds of podcast listeners have engaged in various research and/or purchase related behaviors as a result of advertising exposure from podcasts. Among all forms of advertising on mobile devices, podcasts create the highest improvement in perception. And among all forms of digital advertising, podcast ads are considered the least intrusive.

    "It's clear that we're in the midst of a new podcasting boom, spurred in large part by improved accessibility via mobile and a tidal wave of rich and compelling content," said Andrew Lipsman, VP of Marketing & Insights, comScore. "This research provides strong evidence for why this sector is very attractive for advertisers. Not only do podcasts over-index on reaching some of the most valuable and hardest-to-reach audiences, but they also put consumers in a mindset that's favorable to ad receptivity."

    "In a world of clutter, attention deficit and elusive audiences the work Wondery is doing adds another valuable string to our bow," said Nick Emery, Global CEO of Mindshare.

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