9 Ways to Close a B2B Sale

August 11, 2016

Closing a B2B sale is a process that involves understanding your customer and making them believe that your product or service will without a doubt improve their business. Your entire sales process should be built around that principal.

9 Expert Tips on Closing B2B Sales:

1. "How do you get your 1%?," asks Ravi Kompella, Director, Enterprise Sales for Salesforce. "I guess the best way to address this is by going back to the drawing board and figure out if you have done everything REALLY well. Keeping your customer warm throughout the sales cycle can give you information you never thought would get, which in turn can be used to get your 1%."

2. "In the past, sales people were taught that skills such as 'pitching', 'differentiation' (USP's) and 'closing' were essential for winning business," writes Laurie Smith, Director & Executive Coach. "Nowadays, these 'techniques' have no relevance in the modern business environment. They need to take on a far wider range of skills and competencies that they may not have been aware of or exposed to before (that of a researcher, educator, negotiator, accomplished communicator, business expert, insight-provider, trusted adviser and value creator)."

3. "Forget closing tactics," says Jeffrey Gitomer, King of Sales author and speaker. "They're worn. They're awkward. They're manipulative. And they don't put you in a very "professional" light. What you have failed to uncover is the prospect's motive to buy what you're selling. You're looking for a tactic when what you really need is a better strategy."

4. "Why didn't you hang up already?" asks Steli Efti, the CEO at CEO at "I'm sure you've hung up on many other people who cold called you, so why are you still on the line with me? Why did you open my email or respond to it? What exactly about my email sparked your interest? Ask this question early in the conversation. The answer will guide your approach to the conversation, tell you which angle to use when conveying benefits of your product, and which questions to ask to keep them engaged. It's a shortcut to gaining real insights into their wants and needs, so you have a more targeted conversation."

5. "In other words, if you've earned the right to ask for a sale, ask for the sale then say nothing," writes Lewis Greene, Recruitment Director at Globaleye Wealth Management. "The temptation to talk is great but once you learn how to resist the temptation and how to close your mouth, your sales closing percentages will increase."

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