PayPal Here Launches Two New Card Readers, Giving Small Businesses More Ways to Accept Payments

Every customer wants a swift and smooth payment transaction, with little fuss. This holds true regardless of whether they're buying from a major enterprise or a small business. That goal is certainly possible with PayPal Here's two new payment card readers.

PayPal recently launched a Chip and Swipe reader and a Chip and Tap reader, both of which will help users and small companies easily conduct credit card transactions anywhere.

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Simple UX Tips to Keep Your eCommerce Store from Losing Money

Shopping cart abandonment is a big problem that can lead to huge loses in revenue for your eCommerce business. However, there are various reasons why shoppers abandon their carts. Some customers might just want to browse your store items while others are simply not interested in what you have to offer. While some reasons for shopping cart abandonment are out of your control, improving the user experience of your online store will get more customers pass the checkout.

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Why Your Brand Should Consider Podcasting in 2018

Companies who want to succeed online in 2018 need to have a firm digital marketing strategy. Luckily, there are a number of strategies and tools open for marketers, like blogging, content marketing, email marketing, social media, and paid search.

Another prime vehicle for content marketing today is the podcast..

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eBay Breaks Up with PayPal for Another Partner

Even in business, some partnerships are just not meant to last. Despite working closely together for more than a decade, eBay recently announced that it would be ditching long-time partner PayPal as its primary payments processor by 2020.

In a post on its company website, eBay announced on Wednesday that it has signed an agreement with Adyen, to replace PayPal.

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