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Newsletter Archive: 2003

Newsletter Archive: 2003
Download a D&B credit report on your own business at no charge
D&B is a leading source of business credit reports used by banks, leasing companies, and suppliers. When your D&B report shows that your business is creditworthy, you may have a better chance of being approved for financing and getting better terms from lenders. So it’s critical to make sure your information is up-to-date.
It's easier than ever to process secure payments online
Still not accepting payments online? Then you could be missing out on the millions of people who use the Internet to make purchases—costing you significant revenue opportunities!
Affiliates, Choose Your Adwords
I'll have to admit that I didn't believe all the hype about Google Adwords for the longest time. Then I caught myself clicking on some of the Adwords ads instead of the search results. That made me think. Five bucks. What's five bucks? Lunch at McDonalds. I could skip that for a day. So I surfed Clickbank for a while, found something new and really targeted, popped a few keywords in and wrote the ad.
The Top Seven Strategies For Website Success
Whether you’re concerned with business-to-business, or business to consumer, whether your organization is large or small, commercial or nonprofit, these are some fundamental questions around your Website and technology strategy that should be addressed.
Increase your profit margin...
If you want to start your own Internet business or add eCommerce to an existing website, Say YES! to...
No Application Fees, No Minimums, No Contracts, and No Leases.
Try Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003 at no cost
Put the new Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003 to work in your business, and start seeing results ASAP.
3.6 reasons to choose SBC Long Distance
Get SBC Long Distance at one flat rate anywhere, anytime in the U.S.
Choose from plans that fit your needs, not ours. And, receive it all on one bill from a company with one priority: to earn your business every day.
Five Tips To Improve Your Chances With Google
I can't promise you gazillions, but there are a few things you should do to make it easy for search engines to find you. I assume you have already decided to submit your site to the major search engines and directories. I assume that you will develop some sort of linking strategy (hopefully a better strategy than most websites use today). I also assume you will have picked key search terms for all the pages on your website.
Try Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003 at no cost
In marketing as in science there are basic principles that govern the movement of bodies in space, or prospects and clients. Just as people instinctively know the law of gravity, they are aware of the fundamental principles of marketing. Unlike the law of gravity which is hard to deny, many small business owners often neglect to apply core marketing principles to attract clients.
The Fundamental Laws Of Marketing
In marketing as in science there are basic principles that govern the movement of bodies in space, or prospects and clients. Just as people instinctively know the law of gravity, they are aware of the fundamental principles of marketing. Unlike the law of gravity which is hard to deny, many small business owners often neglect to apply core marketing principles to attract clients.
Price Isn’t Everything
Many salespeople and business owners mistakenly think that negotiating is something you do near, or at the end of, the sales process, particularly when discussing price or term of the agreement.
Max Means More Savings, $20 Coupon Inside
Spend $125 or more at and we'll take $20 off your purchase!
3.6 reasons to choose SBC Long Distance.
Get SBC Long Distance at one flat rate anywhere, anytime in the U.S. Choose from plans that fit your needs, not ours. And, receive it all on one bill from a company with one priority: to earn your business every day.
How To Move From Unlimited Liability To Limited Liability
For the small business owner or self-employed person, both the Sole Proprietorship and the General Partnership put you in the world of Unlimited Liability.
Getting More From Your Communications

Managers in small companies have a lot more opportunity for face-to-face contacts, while managers in large companies need tools for mass communication. The key in either scenario is to choose the appropriate vehicle for conveying the type of information that you typically share with your employees.

Free eBusiness Tools
When working with my workshop or online SEO students, I’m often told of a really neat tool that I’ve never heard of before. So, I thought it would be a great idea to share these tools with you, just like they were shared with me.
Do-It-Yourself Public Relations

What is a small business owner to do? You have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of competitors around the world. How do you make yourself known amid all the noise and confusion? One thing is for certain. You may or may not have a budget for marketing and promotion but you want to get the most bang for your buck.

The Art Of Negotiation
According to the dictionary, to “negotiate” means “to confer with another so as to arrive at the settlement of some matter.” Yet, it is a fact that nearly 75% of individuals faced with having to conduct crucial negotiations do not realise success at their negotiation efforts and rarely have a clue as to how to win more during a negotiation. Instead, most negotiators have learned only how to push against others, criticising and attacking rather than identifying one another’s strong points.
More Choices for your Customers Mean More Salesthe Holiday Rush?

Gateway Package
Guaranteed lowest prices in the industry! Starting as low as $19.95 per month.

Jumping On The "Next Big Opportunity" Bandwagon
Have you ever received an invitation to join a "sure thing opportunity", one that almost guarantees success? Well today's featured article is called, Jumping on the "Next Big Opportunity" Bandwagon. If you are like me, you get prompted all the time. This article was very informative to me, and hopefully it will be for you.
Think Fast and Win!
The world's fastest workgroup color printer has arrived! The Xerox Phaser 7300 sets the new global standardfor office printing.
Business Postage for Less
You'll make mail processing a breeze. Meter and mail standard business and oversized envelopes, packages, even Priority Mail®. Right in your office, in seconds.
15 Ways to Get More Visitors Who Are Ready to Buy
When many of my clients first come to me for coaching, they share that one of their biggest challenges is getting enough visitors to their site. Attracting traffic isn't a cut and dry process — there isn't one perfect way to do it. But there are many ways that, when used collaboratively, will build you a nice stream of visitors.
Resources for your business
Take advantage of unequaled online tools that let you create customized spending reports, archive expense information and billing statements, and manage your account.
Present Better, Sell More!
Web meetings can help you generate more leads in a shorter amount of time with less money. And these leads are warmer than ever because you are able to better engage prospects in a live, interactive session.
Will The Google AdSense Program Survive?
Almost everyone is now aware of the Google AdSense program that has taken the Internet by storm. The Google AdSense program lets webmasters place Google's paid sponsor listings on their web sites and collect a percent of the bid amount when someone clicks on one of the listings.
Secure payment gateway solutions
They're willing to work with you so you can understand what you're actually paying. They'll develop solutions custom tailored to your unique business needs. They will guarantee that you'll save money in the process.
Analyzing Your Traffic To Measure Your Success
Congratulations! Your hard work and persistence in optimizing your pages have resulted in a dramatic increase in traffic to your site, which is just what you wanted.
Increase Sales and Reduce Cost
If you want to start your own Internet business or add e-commerce to a website, you need an e- commerce solution that’s easy to use and secure for your customers with cutting edge technology.
The 7 Major Steps to Improving a Website
Many designers are struggling with "Who are my users?" and "Why do they come to my design?" Field studies can provide answers that aren't available other ways.
Solutions for Sites with Traffic but No Sales
I receive traffic to my NEW webpage, thanks to PPC advertising, but I have yet to receive any inquiries. I hired a company for my design and marketing and have opted to handle the PPC advertising myself and have been able to generate a steadily increasing flow of traffic.
Internet's Most Up & Coming Valuable Search Engine
Each year donates 15% of their proceeds to the charity that has been selected the most by their customers.
Develop Workshops And Promote Your Business
Pssst! Want to make money while promoting your business? Deliver workshops or training events in your area of expertise, and you'll accomplish both. You'll also establish yourself as an expert in your field.
5 Ways To Make More Money With Your E-zine
Have you been publishing an e-mail newsletter for at least six months but still aren't seeing real results (read: revenue) from it? Don't fret --- you may just need a tune up. Here are five ways to kick your e-zine income into gear this year:
Deducting Your Next Vehicle Purchase
I have two related quesitons about the section 179 code on deducting a vehicle purchase for my business. First, do I have to be incorporated? And second, does the vehicle have to be registered in the namy of a company, or can it be registered in my name (as a sole proprietor)?
Business Structures Defined: The S-Corporation
To qualify as an S corporation, a corporation must timely file IRS Form 2553 with the IRS. This election must be made by March 15 of the current year if the corporation is a calendar-year taxpayer in order for the election to take effect for the current tax year.
Don't Overpay for Postage
Take two months to experience all the advantages of this easy-to-use mail system for small business. And rest assured that you're fully covered by our 60-Day Guarantee. Plus, you'll get a bonus gift with your order.
Tapping Employee Passion For Business Success
Meriwether Lewis set the stage for the Corps of Discovery's success before one single “employee” had been hired. From the outset Lewis and Clark engendered a communications culture that brought in the right prospects, then kept morale high and increased the productivity of those eventually hired.
Keeping the Sales Lead Funnel Full
Sites are evenly rotated within the top three listings on, and placement within the network. This unique mix results in an easy to manage and cost effective campaign that allows for fair competition, regardless of budget.
Getting Funded: Know What Lenders Are Looking For
Some of the simplest and seemingly “dumbest” questions are usually the most important. If you have a question about writing your business plan, or securing financing, send it in and Scott will answer it personally.
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Business
One of the marks of an extraordinary human being is someone who knows what he or she wants and goes after it. They have the courage of their convictions, surround themselves with good people and are not afraid to risk. Recently while listening to an interview on 60 minutes, I had the good pleasure of being inspired and encouraged by an extraordinary gentleman by the name of Mr. James Goodnight, CEO of SAS. I have since discovered that SAS is the largest privately held software company in the world and I now know why.
Learn the Basics of Search Engine Optimization
When starting any SEO campaign it is tempting to leap straight in and start tweaking meta tags and changing text. However, like any successful marketing strategy, it is vital to ensure that you know whom your audience is and how to reach them. In the same way traditional advertising agencies survey their demographic audience, search engine marketers must ensure that their SEO campaign targets the correct keywords or search phrases
Tax Advice For Small Business: Start Saving Now
It's never too late to lower your taxes. If you always thought that some people pay less tax than you (even though they make the same amount of income), you are absolutely correct. It is legal for one self-employed person to pay less tax than another, even though both have the same income.
Rethinking Your Business Strategy!
More than likely everyone has heard the quote by Michael Michalko of Thinkertoys who coined the phrase, "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." Based upon the assumption that a different result or outcome is desired in regard to our business endeavors, it makes sense that we must be vigilant in our efforts to do things a little differently!
Got a Need for Speed?
Make the shift to fast, full throttle brilliant color. Finally an affordable, high performance color laser printer!
Choose Controversy that Creates Positive News Coverage
Controversy is the secret ingredient that can turn your story from one that the media ignore to one that reporters clamor to own.
The ideal web traffic analysis solution for small businesses.
Log Analyzer's pre-configured profiles and reports provide valuable information on web site visitor behavior, top paths, referring sites, demographics, and much more!
ADV: Work harder without having to grow a second set of arms.
Finally, high-speed internet solutions built for small business. At Covad, our business is based on meeting the needs of your business -- and building a complete, cost-effective, high-speed solution just for you.
Tips For Selling In A Highly Competitive Marketplace
I am selling in a highly competitive marketplace. My biggest challenge in prospecting is creating interest and getting the appointment, since we really do not offer anything that is special or more beneficial than our competitors.
Communication: The Key to Building Relationships
Communication is the most important contributing factor to the success of any business. We spend our days utilizing various forms of communication in order to build our business relationships.
7 Successful Promotion Tips
Every week I receive a number of articles published in various newsletters and groups. These articles outline dozens of avenues to market my site, to increase my site traffic and newsletter subscribers, to turn my site visitors into sales, to increase my site's search engine position, to earn extra income from my site and the list goes on. Though I am very grateful for all the tips I have received; I am surprised that none of the articles are from webmasters like myself. People who run sites which have no direct relation to web site promotion or marketing but who can tell me what strategy works for them and what don't in marketing their sites especially on a tight budget. Here, I want to briefly explain what has worked for me and the results I am getting.
Wading Through The Search Engine Myths
There is an abundance of search engine information available on the web- some of it valuable, much of it contradictory. Throughout the years some prevailing search engine myths have developed. Some of these myths are still encouraged by companies with a financial interest in their continued existence. Others are based upon techniques that were effective years ago but no longer work. Still others come from simple misunderstandings that inevitably come with a relatively new medium. What follows is a few of the most prevalent.
The 10 Reports Every Small Business Lives For
Find out the 10 reports you should be looking at on a daily basis. Discover how to use the information to measure and improve the performance of your web site--and grow your small business.
Outsourcing Your IT Workload
Have you been considering outsourcing some of your IT workload? If you decide to, you'll join the ranks of Oracle, Cisco, and IBM, all of whom have outsourced projects and large-scale initiatives to programmers and systems architects around the world. Before you choose your outsourcing firm, there are a number of things you should consider. Time is money, sure, but if you spend a little time deciding if outsourcing is right for you then you could end up saving your company a lot of money.
How to Audit-Proof Your Business
Police and auditors have one thing in common: they make even the most honest, law-abiding citizens nervous. After all, who hasn't felt their heart jump at the sound of a police siren close behind them even if they are obeying all traffic rules? Generally, the same feeling comes over people when the topic of an IRS audit arises.
Generating Publicity For Your Business
When starting a successful business venture or launching a new product, most entrepreneurs or business owners conduct some type of marketing research to determine the extent of their prospective customer base. And when getting the word out to that customer base, many entrepreneurs may turn to the media to help generate a buzz for them.
First Look At Log Analyzer 8.0
Trusted by thousands of small businesses worldwide, WebTrends Log Analyzer is known for fast, efficient web traffic reporting.
Engines and Spiders and Surfers, Oh My!
Virtually all credible third party statistics suggest search engine optimization is the best way to promote your site.
Free guide: Making the Internet Work for Your Business.
Learn how your business can benefit from the continued growth in online commerce this year by accepting credit cards on your website.
Organizations and Successful Change Initiatives
In the early 1980s, Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation (SRC) of Springfield, Missouri, was a near-bankrupt division of International Harvester. That's when a green young manager, Jack Stack, led the firm into a highly profitable organization. In reflection he admits that he didn't know a lot about managing this company, but did know about the principles of athletic competition and open book management: keeping score, having fun, including all players, and using his listening skills.
Save on a Toshiba notebook
If you're like most businesspeople, you're constantly searching for ways to better serve your customers, while streamlining the performance of your business overall..
Harvesting Future Talent Through Co-Op/Intern Programs
If you're looking for a pool of highly talented, highly trainable workers, head on over to the local college and network with the nice people in the Career Services office. They'd love to help you staff your company with interns.
Ten Hot Tips for Stretching a Tight Training Budget
If you are a training and development professional on a tight budget, chances are you can stretch it further by applying one or more of these 10 tips.
Fair Measures Corporation: A Case Study in Thinking Outside the Box
Fair Measures Corporation is a nationally recognized management training company made up of attorneys and professional speakers. They consult with companies such as Oracle, Sun and Cisco around preventing employee lawsuits by treating employees with respect.
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