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How To Hire Like The Fortune 500's: A Guide For Small Businesses
A recent iLogos Research study revealed 94% of Fortune 500 companies now hire employees online, a stark contrast from 1998, when only 29% of them were doing the same.
Show Me The Money
Last week, I had a really great discussion with a really great (non-blogosphere) friend. We had a long talk about blogs, RSS, podcasting, and all these crazy new web technologies. This particular guy (who I'll call ‘B') is in sales and sells business intelligence solutions to federal agencies. He is responsible for bringing in some pretty big business...
Access Your PC With WebEx PCNow
Use WebEx PCNow free for 30 days and see how easy it is to stay connected to your information, your files, and your business.
Maybe You SHOULD Worry About Your PR!
Especially if your public relations budget is all about tactics like brochures, special events, talking to reporters and press releases.
Absolutely The Best Way To Monitor Servers
bello network monitoring service makes it easy and affordable to detect network and website failures early, minimizing downtime and avoiding economic impact.
Turbo-charge your work with colour
The advanced laser printer that meets the demands of any workgroup – with a unique combination of speed, value and image quality that make it easier than ever to upgrade to color printing. Even heavy network traffic and the most complex print jobs can’t stop the single-pass technology and power of the Phaser 6300/6350.
Go with Secure, affordable access from Microsoft & Citrix
In a growing business, employees are always on the go. Now you can securely extend your workplace with simple, cost-effective Access Essentials – designed for smaller businesses. Employees can access applications like sales force automation, order processing, and inventory systems without having to come into the main office.
Keeping Your Customers Through Loyalty Marketing
What exactly is the best-kept secret behind incredibly successful businesses? Is it keeping up with the trends? Having an excellent workforce that will make sure your company is working in tip top shape? Or having a loyal client base who will not only keep on going back to you whenever they need your products or services?
Open a SmartBiz Account from Thrifty!
A FREE SmartBiz Account from Thrifty lets businesses lock-in a low, guaranteed rate. No surprises. No fluctuations. Just a great car at a great rate, plus some smart perks to boot.
What's Your Business Model?
If you have enough clients to keep you busy, you must be making a good living, right? Well, not necessarily. Some of the busiest professionals around aren't earning enough to pay their bills.
Colour printer reaches superstar status
The Xerox Phaser 7300 large format color printer packs maximized power, superb reliability and superior single-pass speed to meet every office printing need. Designed to quickly print high-volume documents in-house, on media up to 12" x 18" - including special projects like labels, business cards and brochures.
Quickest Search Engine Listing With No Per-Click Charge
Wpromote provides a suite of search engine submission and promotion services that is unmatched anywhere.
How To Hire A Web Developer
Today, most businesses want a website. Some already have one. Others want one. They don't want to hire IT staff and probably can't afford any. And in most cases, an in-house IT staff, especially for your typical small business, just isn't necessary.
Small Business Blogs: Where Are They?
This is the question posed by my good friend Anita Campbell writing on regarding business blogs for small companies. Anita, of course, is best known for her highly insightful and informative blog known as Small Business Trends.
Does Your Shopping Cart Do This?
Volusion ecommerce software is ready-to-use right from the start. You can accept orders almost immediately, and customize your site continually thereafter. Take a look some of the amazing features below...
AdSense Gets Relevant
Google AdSense customers can define portions of their sites as sections AdSense should target. The Inside Google blog discloses an interesting change to AdSense, one that should benefit bloggers in particular. It's called section targeting.
Bloggers: The New Gate Keepers?
The Blog Business Summit in San Francisco attracted a bit of attention. Various power bloggers were there, giving their advice and making a case for themselves and their profession to the business world. Some took it well and others not so well.
In Business Planning, Competition Is Good
When developing the competition section of your business plan, companies must define competition correctly, select the appropriate competitors to analyze, and explain its competitive advantages.
Business Blogs: Spread The Word
Business blogs are powerful tools for any business to adopt. Whether the company is a traditional bricks and mortar business, an online business venture, or both, a business blog can pay huge dividends for any business bottom line.
Website Usability Leads To Conversions
Known as the web's Usability Czar, Jakob Nielsen is one of the Internet's most respected consultants, authors and commentators.
Learning Links: School’s In Session At SES
The "Link Building Basics" session proved Mike Grehan is the professor of SEO-logy in this business. Even though Grehan wasn't the only speaker in this session, he's knowledge is phenomenal. He and the others covered a lot of good ground on the important of links to building a site in this class on link building basics.
Small Business Debt Collection Letter Writing
Writing a debt collection letter is one of the most important skills of any small business owner. Do you have what it takes to get the money you've earned?
Three Big Barriers To Small Business Marketing Success
When you feel like you're always busy working on your business, but not getting where you want to go, it can be frustrating trying to figure out how to get your marketing on track. It can easily become a "not seeing the forest for the trees" feeling.
Manage Your Schedule Online
Did you know you can have Microsoft Exchange-like calendar functionality delivered via the web for just pennies per day? Access your calendar information from anywhere in the world with a simple web browser and an Internet connection.
Does Your Small Business Marketing Suffer From The Bulldog Effect
If you're an entrepreneur responsible for your own small business marketing, there's a marketing method you should avoid at all costs, which I've coined the bulldog effect for reasons you will understand shortly. Keep reading to find out if you're guilty of using this technique in your own marketing and learn how to fix it.
New System Automatically Answers 80% of Customer Emails
Our system automatically answers 80% of customer emails and simplifies many customer support tasks. is a leading provider of affordable customer support automation for the growing business.
Why You Need A Business Planning System NOT A Business Plan
When someone mentions business planning we have been conditioned to think about writing a business plan. There are hundreds of books and articles, tons of software, an army of consultants, and a multitude government programs to help you write a business plan.
Integrated Firewall and Security Package
BitDefender Professional Plus integrates antivirus, firewall and antispam modules into one comprehensive security package, tailored to meet the needs of home and corporate Internet users worldwide.
Narrow Your Market To Hit Your Target
To some online business owners the thought of specializing is terrifying. They think that if they specialize they'll miss a huge part of their potential market. The reality is that if they don't specialize then their target market will be way too broad. Marketing to a general audience can put a huge strain on a marketer's budget and reduce a campaign's return on investment.
Improving Lead Generating And Conversion Rates: Think Like A Farmer
John's a freelance photographer in Ohio who called to tell me of his frustration with the advertising and promotional campaigns he has tried in the last couple of years. Each time he does a promotional mailing to his list of 10,000, he is lucky if he gets one or two inquiries.
Effective Tool for Managing Customer Support
First your customer clicks on a "Help" button on your website to access your ezSupport-powered customer support window. Next the customer support pop-up window appears. Finally depending on your customer's need, they select from the "self-help" and escalation support features.
Three Brand Identity Myths That Will Bring Your Business Down
To begin, let's define "Brand Identity," which is the combination of consistent visual elements that are used in your marketing materials. A basic Brand Identity Kit consists of a logo, business card, letterhead, and envelope. It can be extended to include a website, brochure, folder, flyer, or any other professionally designed pieces.
Do Your Blogging Goals Match Your Current Blogging Practices?
Jeremy has an interesting post over at Ensight where he looks at a recent ‘downturn' in blogging after some of the recent controversy over character blogs.
Competing With The Retail Giants
The past decade has brought dramatic changes to the world's retail community! This is the toughest climate most retailers have ever faced! Keeping pace in today's fast-moving and unpredictable marketplace isn't easy. Nevër has business been so challenging.
New. Just for small business. WordPerfect Office 12. Free shipping until May 31st
Create professional looking documents and presentations Get versatile spreadsheets with Quattro Pro® 12 Protect information using antivirus and firewall software Stay in touch with WordPerfect® Mail Save time with WordPerfect® OfficeReady® solution packs Get creative with Paint Shop™ Pro® 9 professional photo editing
Effective Tool For Managing Your Customer Support
First your customer clicks on a "Help" button on your website to access your ezSupport-powered customer support window. Next the customer support pop-up window appears. Finally depending on your customer's need, they select from the "self-help" and escalation support features.
2005 WebAwards - Recognizing Net Excellence
The Web Marketing Association is pleased to announce the international call for entries for its 9th annual WebAward Competition.
CorelDRAW® for Small Businesses - Free Design Templates
CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 12 saves you time and money—precious resources for a small business. With intelligent tools, it's now easier and faster to produce more creative and accurate graphics. Why outsource your design projects when you can complete them in-house with professional results? It makes good small business sense!
Why You’re Not Blogging - And Why You Should Start Today
Those of you who aren't ready to wade into the Blog pool are taking your time for several reasons, according to my informal interviews with people before and after they blog.
Small Business Postage Solutions
You manage, run, market and grow your small business with your own two hands - and even your own finances. Time and money are essential, cost and convenience are critical. Eliminate the need to ever have to go to the Post Office again - and help your business look more professional at the same time.
Number 1 Challenge To Going Solo With A Business
For many mid-career professionals, a Second (or third or fourth) Career turns out to be a business. If your industry disappears, you're leaving a high-profile job, or you've risen through the ranks, self-employment can be your most realistic option.
Mobile Marketing Tips For Small Businesses
Analysts predict that 2005 will be the year that mobile marketing really takes off and that companies will take advantage of this medium in much the same way as they did in the early days of the Internet.
Starting Small Business Promotional Campaigns
So you're starting a small business. You figured out what you wanted to sell or do and went out and got it all set up, had your DBA framed and on the wall and now all you need is for someone to buy your product or use your service. Right?
Win with color that won't quit!
The advanced laser printer that meets the demands of any workgroup – with a unique combination of speed, value and image quality that make it easier than ever to upgrade to color printing. Even heavy network traffic and the most complex print jobs can’t stop the single-pass technology and power of the Phaser 6250.
Using A Marketing Calendar Template
Owning a small business isn't easy, especially if you are running it alone. Between moving products, taking orders, paying bills, and taking care of family, it is easy to lose track of everything you need to do. Using a calendar template to organize and manage your marketing strategy will ensure you don't drop the ball with one of the most important parts of your business.
Innovative Business Use Of RSS As A Technology
RSS offers a quick, easy corporate communication channel. The RSS contents are published as a feed and the feed's content keep customers, partners and journalists abreast of corporate news and information. The RSS feeds are read using a tool referred to as a news aggregator, or an RSS reader.
Businesses' New Relationship With Google Local
Google has announced the launch of the Google Local Business Center. It provides local businesses with the opportunity to update information like hours, wi-fi availability, etc.
What's The Customer Service Buzz About Your Business?
If you're a regular reader of my column you know that my number one pet peeve is bad customer service. Nothing chaps my backside more than paying hard-earned money for a product or service only to have the provider of said product or service become apathetic
Disaster Proof Your Business
Who cares about which side of the toast hits the floor first? If it's your toast, and your floor, then the answer is probably you. But fate may have a lot more than a dirty breakfast in store for you, especially when it comes to your business.
Articles Build Blog Readership
Writing internet articles is a powerful way to add visitor traffic to your blog. Articles provide tremendous personal and professional benefits as well.
Try a FREE 30-day version of WordPerfect Office 12
Offering word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and address book applications, WordPerfect Office 12 is an excellent “other Office” alternative to higher priced office productivity suites. Compatible with popular file formats such as Microsoft® Office, PDF, HTML and XML, it helps streamline your workflow.
Connecting With Others Through Citizen Publishing
You've probably heard these concerns expressed before. You might even have voiced them yourself.
Podcasting Is Music To The Ears
Podcasts are making audio blogging a reality for many bloggers. By starting a podcast version of a blog, the blogger is adding independent radio to their already existing personal publishing.
Are You Using A Chess Or Checkers Marketing Strategy?
Until the day I learned to play chess I loved playing checkers. Both games require a strategy that maximizes a player's ability to capture her opponents pieces without first losing her own.
No Logo? Launching A Business Without A Logo Can Sabotage You
Initial lack of customers and cash flow often causes a small business to put off designing a logo and marketing materials professionally "until [they] got a few clients" or "until [they] get started." Designing their own marketing materials when they launch their business, instead of having them professionally created, will make getting those initial clients more difficult, and may result in a business that will not succeed.
The 10 Minute RSS Primer - Getting Up To Speed With Bloglines
Okay, so i've become increasingly aware that many of the Threadwatch boys and girls, and Search marketing crowd in general don't know much about RSS ...
What You Don't Know About PR Can Hurt You
And hurt bad if you are a business, non-profit or association manager. Especially when you rely too heavily on tactics like special events, brochures and press releases to get your money's worth.
Are You Letting Sales Slip Away?
Recently, I spent an afternoon with some friends at a go-cart track. We had the time of our life each pretending to be world class race car drivers. Although we were older than most of the people there we felt young and alive. We committed to doing this again and soon!
Writing Marketing Copy That Sells
When your prospects see your marketing materials, your brochure, your web site or your ads you want them to read them.

You want prospects to read not just the first sentence but the majority of your copy. Once they've read it, you want them to decide that they need your product or service and either make a purchase or contact you for more information.
Small Business Marketing: Are You Using A Net Or Spear?
When I was back in college, over a decade ago, I decided that when I was done I would run off to Alaska and work in the fishing industry. The lure of hard menial labor and the outdoorsman's life seemed so tantalizing to me after having toiled away in academia, not just for the past four years, but for most of my life.
How Much Risk Is Necessary To Grow Your Business?
A business owner is thoroughly responsible for their own financial survival and possibly the financial survival of their employees.
Ignoring The IRS (and The 5 Best Ways To Contact Them!)
We all love to criticize the IRS, don't we? And I'm just as guilty as anyone. It's easy to ridicule a huge organization of government bureaucrats who often seem to be Public Enemy #1.

Our negative attitude toward the IRS can lead to a strong desire to just ignore it altogether. But self-employed people who ignore the IRS do so at their own peril.
The Quagmire Of Depreciation
If you are a Small Business Owner or Self-Employed Person, there's one especially lucrative tax break that not only puts money in your pocket, it also makes the filing of your business tax return much simpler.
IRS Penalties, Interest And 'Love Letters'
Sorry to crash your party, but as we bring in the New Year, it's also time to bring in a New Tax Season.

As a small business owner or self-employed person, one of the easiest ways to keep Uncle Sam off your back and out of your life is to file your forms, payments and other paperwork on time.
Double Taxation -- Isn't Once Enough?
For starters, you'll be protecting yourself and your family from the possible of a business ending lawsuit. Forming a corporation is Step One on the path known as "Asset Protection" -- you are moving from the world of unlimited liability to the world of limited liability.
One Click Web Conferencing
Linktivity MeetNow is an easy and affordable Web conferencing hosted service for instantly showing a live view of your PC screen to anyone you choose. You can demo software, review documents, make presentations, or go over spreadsheets as easily as if you were sitting side-by-side.
The Top 10 Ways To Market Any Business To Thousands By Leading Teleclasses
As business owners, we all know that the key to fantastic sales is to let your customers have a personal experience of you. The difficulty, of course is that to give every customer that experience personally requires a tremendous time commitment of ourselves and our staff. So what do we do?
Waiting To Incorporate: What A Difference A Date Can Make
If you're a sole proprietor, perhaps you've considered incorporating your small business or self-employment activity. And so maybe you've been wondering, "When is the best time to incorporate?" From a legal standpoint, any time is the best time. The sooner you incorporate, the sooner you make the move from the world of unlimited liability to the world of limited liability.
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