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Facebook Making Important Moves Small Businesses Should Pay Attention To
We've been talking a lot about Google Places on SmallBusinessNewz lately, and while I've been writing a great deal about Facebook for WebProNews, we've probably neglected the subject here at SBN since the company announced its big plans moving forward - plans which have huge implications for small businesses.

Get the Most Out of Your Google Places Listing
About a week ago, Google announced that it had changed the name of the Google Local Business Center to Google Places. Along with that, however, they announced a good deal of new features that businesses should be aware of. If you are not, they include: service areas, advertising with tags, business photo shoots, customized QR codes, and more favorite places. You can read about them more here.

Maximize Your Return on Investment with Hyper-Targeting.
Use the information from millions of MySpace profiles to Hyper-Target your offers.

Report: Most Small Businesses Still Not Sold on Social Media
Citibank put out a new report indicating that most small businesses still are not leveraging the social media tools available to them, despite the "relentless buzz" around them.

Put video on the Web in 3 Easy Steps
Onstream Media's Digital Media Services Platform (DMSP) Store and Stream® is a comprehensive web-publishing tool that provides clients of all sizes and industries

A Way to Get Facebook Fans to Actually Buy
As you've probably figured out by now, there a lot of reasons social media, and Facebook in particular can be beneficial to a small business. Engaging with customers, building loyalty, and driving traffic to your site come immediately to mind. You may or may not have figured out by now that you can list products right on Facebook to drive sales as well.

Twitter Gives 3 Huge Reasons for Businesses to Use Twitter
If you truly feel that not using Twitter for your business is the way to go, then don't use it. However, Twitter dropped some pretty interesting statistics at its Developer Conference, which may perk your ears up, if not make you reconsider your position.

An Equation for Improving Your Forms and Conversions
The other day, we discussed the importance of not wasting you customers' time when trying to get them to buy from your site. In essence, people do not want to spend more time than they have to during the buying process, so the more you can do to make that process quicker, the more likely you are to actually get a conversion.

Increase Your Customer Sales with Email Marketing
We've helped over 500,000 people grow their small business! Increase your customer sales with email coupons, newsletters, sales announcements and more.

Family Can Put Strain on Business Decision-Making
Is your business a family business? Are you considering going into business with family members? If your answer to either of these questions is yes, you may be interested in some newly revealed findings from a study conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by MassMutual.

Look for New Business Opportunities to Arise from iPad Use
Unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard that the iPad is now out. It's captured nearly all of the buzz throughout the tech industry for the past week at least, and developers are scrambling like made to release new apps for it.

Tips for Successful Small Business Social Media Endeavors
A new poll from Employers Holdings found that half of small businesses believe a social media presence is important, but only 16% actually utilize it. The poll revealed that although there are nearly five million small businesses leveraging social media, that figure only accounts for 16% of the 29.7 million small businesses in the United States based on figures from the Small Business Administration.

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