Newsletter Archive: April 2012

If You Want to Pitch A Blogger Successfully, DON'T Do This
It was sent in the hope of garnering some press for the company's website, that helps students connect with potential employers. Great nothing wrong with that, and here's to more companies helping students get a great start in life.
Nothing Scares Business IT Professionals More Than Anonymous
If you are an IT professional at your place of business, you have to be on your toes and aware, being responsible for the safety and security of the computers within your business' network.
Yandex Unveils Yandex.Money Debit Card
Yesterday, the well-known Russian Internet provider Yandex announced that they will be releasing Yandex.Money cards for their customers. Users of these new cards can acquire a free MasterCard debit card that can be tethered to their Yandex.Money account. This new system can be used to purchase items both on and offline.
Easy Customer Support Software - Get It Free
Get started with absolutely free and empower your team to deliver awesomely responsive customer support. Work quickly and wow your customers via Email, Web, Facebook, Twitter, Live Chat and Phone
5 Ways to Create Even More Facebook Engagement
Search around even casually and it's likely you will find lots of people talking about how to get more Facebook likes or how to add tabs and pages and apps that go bang.
How and Why to Create Smarter Content
For several years now people like me have been advising you to create educational content as a foundational element of your marketing – and many of you have listened and profited.
Free e-Book: Controlling PPC Costs with Negative Keywords
This free e-book is packed with in-depth tips and actionable advice on using negative keywords to control your AdWords spend.
How an Entrepreneur Imagines the World
I hang around with lots of small business owners and not all are what one would call entrepreneurs. In fact, many are simply people that happen to own a job that pays the bills.
Does Your Business Need A Blog?
A lot of small business owners are asking themselves the same question – should I have a blog for my business?
Is Serving Clients' Best Interest Really In Their Best Interest?
Those of us in the SEO industry operate by some pretty simple principles. We're in business to help clients succeed. Success can mean many things, but, to most businesses, every lost ranking position looks like lost business! As SEOs, SEMs, link builders and inbound marketers, it's important to be successful – not just for our own sake, but also for the companies we work for.
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