Newsletter Archive: August 2009

The Importance of Engagement on the Web
I wrote an article for WebProNews this week about why today's content is still relevant to tomorrow's real-time searches, and why the "shareability" of your content is so important. Essentially, the easier you make it to share your content, the more it will be shared (if it is worth sharing), and just because time passes, that doesn't mean that your content is no longer relevant.

How to Use Twitter For Business
Twitter is all the rage on the internet, but it's not just a cool toy. It has valid business applications and has even demonstrated potential for ROI. With Twitter, small businesses can extend their reach, create buzz, listen to their communities and network with customers, prospects and industry experts! Don't know where to start? Download this free kit to learn how to get started with Twitter and use it to help your company get found online.

Ads Not Getting Clicked? What's the 'Dwell Rate' Like?
Online advertising is not just about the clicks, as a recent study from marketing firm Eyeblaster clearly illustrates. Users can engage with advertisements without actually clicking through.

Considered Having Your Own iPhone App?
A few months ago, we looked at the importance of paying attention to the iPhone. Google has a businesses layer for Google Earth on the iPhone. AdMob released data indicating that the iPhone is by far the biggest smartphone in terms of market share, and Nielsen reported that the US mobile Internet market grew by 74% between February '07 and February '09. This was mostly due to smartphones.

10 Google Resources Business Owners Shouldn't Overlook
Google offers webmasters and advertisers a lot of helpful tools and resources. Most of them are free. If you haven't checked out any of the following, do yourself a favor and do so.

Different Ways to Get ROI From Facebook
The Search Engine Strategies conference is in progress in San Jose. One of the sessions at the event was about turning the social web into real ROI (return on investment). The session focused on best practices in how marketers can leverage the social web as a simple way to quickly build and manage effective campaigns.

9 Proven Techniques to Double Your Sales
This book is a powerhouse of information! Information that will grow your company quickly and profitably. The same techniques and tactics in this book have been used by hundreds of companies to easily double, and even triple their current sales. The book is free, but could be worth thousands, or even millions to your bottom line!

Integrating Social Media into Email Marketing
We continue to see evidence of more and more companies turning to social media as part of their marketing strategies, but a survey from Emailvision finds that only 3% of marketers are turning to social tools like blogs and Twitter. Like with all surveys, results should be taken with a grain of salt, and only 102 companies were surveyed here, but regardless, there is no question that there are still plenty of companies who are not utilizing such tools.

Using Apps on Your Facebook Page for Engaging with Customers
First off, if you run a business, you have to acknowledge how important Facebook is. It continues to grow rapidly, and is getting connected with more and more websites, applications and devices. Even Nintendo just launched Facebook Connect integration with its portable DSi device.

Try MySpace MyAds - $75 Credit
Millions spend time on MySpace every day - why not expose them to your business by advertising on the country's largest social networking site?

Marketing to Moms Online
Google company blogs are always good for useful information, whether that be with regards to search, advertising, web analytics or other things. Yael Davidowitz-Neu of the Google Retail Team has a good post up about marketing to mom's online, in which information from several studies is compiled.

LogMeIn Announces The FreeMeUp Giveaway
Enter the FreeMeUp Giveaway for your chance to win the Ultimate Home Office, worth $5,000!

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