Newsletter Archive: August 2010

7 Ways to Drive Traffic through Direct Mail
Why is it that marketers struggle to blend offline and online marketing efforts? It can be very effective if done right. Take for example, using direct mail to drive online traffic.

Business Barometer Survey Shows Q2 Weakness
The results of the Capital One Small Business Barometer survey have been released, and they're not altogether positive. Between the first and second quarters of this year, some small business owners lost confidence in certain aspects of the economy and their companies.

High Speed Internet + Phone: Free Verizon Websites for 1 year
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Take Advantage of Advertising Right Now!
Advertising is expensive, especially for small businesses. However, advertising is at one of its most affordable points right now, thanks to the economic downturn. Both advertising and media companies have been forced to reduce their prices, which have opened many doors for small businesses.

Consumer Spending Down On Housing Market
The Deloitte Consumer Spending Index had it s its third straight month of decline in July, due in large part to weakness in the housing market.

Take Control With an Online Certificate From Notre Dame
Get the exceptional results you demand from yourself! Achieve the next level of success with expert-based training from Notre Dame, which is ranked among the nation's best business schools by U.S. News & World Report. Notre Dame offers on-demand executive certificate programs for today's in-demand topics:

9 Apps to Help Your Business Needs
Most businesses do not realize how many tools are available to meet their needs. In Google Apps alone, there are over 100 integrated apps built and designed for business usage. These tools help businesses conquer everything from time management concerns to IT issues.

How You Can Become a Successful Leader
How would you define a leader? Political figures, teachers, actors, and many other people may come to mind, but it's important to know that a title does not qualify a leader. Even owning a small business doesn't define a leader. According to, a leader is "a guiding or directing head, as of an army, movement, or political group."

Are You Driving Potential Buyers Away?
Have you ever been in a position in which someone likes you a whole lot more than you like him or her? The interesting thing about these situations is that you are, typically, driven away instead of returning the same level of feelings. Incidentally, many businesses are guilty of setting up a similar scenario in regards to online sales.

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Google Allows Businesses To Respond To Reviews
Whether your approach to a bad review is to apologize or go berserk (or something in between), Google's made it possible for business owners to have their say. Owners can now respond to reviews posted on the Place Pages of Google Maps.

3 Stages of the Business Cycle
Every business goes through phases and emotions. Although some vary from businesses to business, there are 3 distinct stages that every business will face at one time or another.

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