Newsletter Archive: August 2011

Daily Deals: Groupon Down, LivingSocial Up, Facebook Out
The daily deals space is getting quite interesting, and is one that local businesses ought to pay attention to. For one, Facebook announced that it is shutting down its Deals service after four months. They are, however, keeping check-in deals, after changing the way Facebook Places works.
Your Target Audience Is NOT Generic
There’s a mindset among many business owners that they need to be on social media. Specifically, they need to be on Facebook; or Twitter; or LinkedIn; or have a blog; or look ahead to business options on Google Plus.
Getting Creative with Foursquare for Small Business
Foursquare boasts over 10 million users and some 400,000 businesses, and even though it’s not this week’s hot topic anymore, it’s ripe to add to your marketing mix.
It's Time to Purge the Word Entrepreneur
There’s a long-standing debate in business circles about the difference between the use of the term entrepreneur vs. small business owner. The issue centers on the notion that if you’re an entrepreneur you care about high growth and if you’re a small business owner you’re somehow destined to struggle to make ends meet while working your fingers to the bone.
4 Ways To Make Your Blog Content Work Harder
A full 65 percent of companies now have a blog. According to Hubspot’s 2011 State of Inbound Marketing Report that’s up 17% from just two years ago.
Very Few Small Business Owners Say Social Media "A Must"
As we sit firmly entrenched in the social media revolution, many small and medium sized businesses have taken cues from larger corporations when it comes to building a presence.
Activate new card processing services - Get a $250 rebate
Sign up for Bank of America Merchant Services and purchase or lease new processing equipment. You'll receive a $250 rebate plus all the benefits of working with the number one-rated electronic payments processor in the industry
E-Commerce More Competitive in the U.S. Than a Year Ago
Good news for small e-commerce businesses: a new report from comScore finds that the top 25 online retailers account for a smaller percentage of total online sales than they did a year ago. This is U.S. data.
Foursquare Opens Up Business Pages to Everyone
Business owners take notice - Foursquare wants you to get involved with their service.
Managing Your Social Media Exposure
In the good old days customers would communicate with you via letter, phone or in person. Today things are very different. Now they can send you a tweet, post a comment on your blog or leave you a message on Facebook.
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