Newsletter Archive: December 2010

Generating New Ideas And Insights For Your Business
Are you in the process of developing some new ideas for your business right now? If you are, then today’s post is just what you need!
The Power of Social Media Influencers
To what do you credit the value of your social media campaign? Is it the number of friends or followers on Facebook and Twitter respectively? While these metrics are important, the greatest value is your influence, which comes primarily from influencers.
Facebook Registration Plugin for WordPress Launched
Last week, Facebook launched a new registration tool for site owners. With this, users can quickly sign up for new sites with their Facebook profiles. The tool goes beyond the simple log-in feature of Facebook Connect, and lets users more easily fill out forms based on the information that they've already shared with Facebook (such as email address, name, birthday, phone number, etc.)
Call Now and Ask For Verizon's Best Phone and Internet Bundle Price
Call Now and Ask For Verizon's Best Phone and Internet Bundle Price12.20.10
IT Key To Cutting Costs For Small Businesses
Nearly three-quarters of small businesses consider IT to be a key driver in helping reduce the costs of operations, according to research firm Techaisle.
Is Your Business Networking Effectively?
Some people think that networking is a waste of time, but did you realize that it could actually help your business grow dramatically? Through networking, a business has the opportunity to meet influential people such as investors, advisors, potential employees, and even consumers.
The Impact of Mobile on the Holidays
Although consumers are embracing mobile at a rapid rate, most businesses are not jumping on the bandwagon as quickly. A recent report from eCommerce Know-How actually showed that 58 percent of companies are not utilizing mobile marketing or mobile commerce. Is this number surprising to you?
Search marketing that works
Internet users look at the first page of organic/natural listings when searching. These spots can't be paid for,
Google Crafts Search Advertising Tutorial
Google's market cap is right around $185 billion at the moment, making the search giant a pretty good authority on the value of search advertising. It's fitting, then, that Google has begun to offer a free video presentation called "The True Value of Search."

How to Know If Your Product, Service or Idea Is Destined for Success
So, you've got a terrific idea for a new product, service or business. But how do you know if it's going to sell? That's a question I hear quite a lot from my entrepreneur clients—and from random people I meet who find out what I do.

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