Newsletter Archive: December 2011

Social Media and Your Small Business Website
If you run a small business you may know: 1. You need a website AND 2. Social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, etc.) provide important ways of connecting with potential clients (and current clients).
Why Profit Should Be Your Most Important Goal
This time of year many business owners revisit goals and objectives for the coming year. I know that I do and it’s a practice that helps me focus on what’s really important all the way to the task level.
14 Tips For a Successful Facebook Advertising Campaign
Almost every time I ask a Facebook user who is not a marketer if they ever interact with Facebook ads, I get the same response – “Facebook has ads?” That is one of the beauties of Facebook advertising in that ads are so custom tailored to user preferences and demographics, that they do not appear to be ads at all but rather engaging content.
20 Ways To Get More Fans For Your Facebook Fan Page
Facebook has tremendous potential. Of the 800 million users globally, there must be millions of your target audience using the social platform too. Moreover Facebook offers great marketing tools for you to get new leads and customers. The platform allows you to 'interact' your way to new customers and also serves as a great way of promoting your new products.
Small Businesses Use Of Facebook Ads On The Rise
Facebook Ads nearly as popular as print newspaper and direct mail advertising. MerchantCircle released the results of their latest Merchant Confidence Index last week. The study focused on two main points: small business owners' expectations about the economy, and their adoption of new marketing channels.According to the study, newer marketing channels have gained significant ground over more traditional methods recently.Nearly a quarter of the 2,500 respondents - 23% - said they use Facebook Ads to market their products.
The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Glossary - Free eBook
You've probably heard about using a hashtag on Twitter, the importance of attracting inbound links to your website, or ways to set up drip marketing campaigns. This inbound marketing terminology seems endless.
Where Are Small Businesses Spending Their Marketing Budgets?
Microsoft is sharing some survey results from BIA/Kelsey about small businesses. The results were presented at the ILM West conference in San Francisco. The main takeaways are as follows:
The Key to Making Money in Your Small Business
What’s the number one thing you must have in order to grow a successful small business? It’s not clients or customers, though those are critically important.
Social Media Trends 2012 - Analytics and Measurement
Today I am going back to the four social media trends Beverly Macy predicted would be hot in 2012 in the Huffington Post
Web Survey Shows Small Business Owners Optimistic About Economy
Website creation solutions company Webs recently conducted a survey of 1,700 small business owners, asking them primarily about their feelings concerning the direction of the economy. Perhaps surprisingly, the results showed significant optimism about the direction things were headed.
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