Newsletter Archive: December 2012

Is it time for your marketing to include a mobile app?
It is no secret that mobile applications have changed everyday life. People do business, set family reminders, deposit checks, track workouts and spend hours and hours of leisure time in mobile app platforms. Mobile software developer Flurry reported more than a trillion unique app events in November – a number simply unheard of even two years ago. Some food for thought: in January of 2011, around 100 billion mobile applications existed. At this writing, that number has just passed the 1,000 billion mark. Is it time for your business to have a mobile app?
Monitor Availability and Performance of your Websites, Web Apps & Servers - Free Trial
For small businesses and start-ups high website up-time and optimum performance are the two crucial factors that can make or break your online business. Entrust the task of monitoring your business critical websites and web applications to Site24x7, an end-user experience monitoring service.
Uncovering The Truth About Social Media Marketing
On the one hand, recent studies cited by eMarketer show that two thirds of the U.S. internet population will belong to a social network by 2013. On the other hand, a study by Harvard Business Review showed that 29% of the 2,100 organizations surveyed felt it was difficult to see the benefit of social media for their business purposes.
The Far Reaching Implications of The Social Business Model
For some time now I've been suggesting that social media as we've come to address it over the last few years doesn't really matter anymore because it just is. We've given up on seeing it as some separate practice and accepted that it's simply a function of marketing that must be integrated.
Customer Service vs. Customer Experience – Both are Vital but Not the Same
In looking at a customer's interaction or series of interactions with a service provider, it's necessary to draw a distinction between two often misused terms: "customer service" vs. "customer experience". Not all companies look at them as separate entities, and some fail to consider either in the appropriate way.
How to Make Your Content Mobile Friendly
When I think about the work I do these days very little of it actually needs to be done on a “real” computer.

Writing a post like this, creating a PowerPoint deck or maybe editing a video are things that are still best done by me using lots of computing power and a large screen or two.
Using Social Media To Launch New Products
Thousands of new businesses are started in the U.S. every month. Budding entrepreneurs with minds full of ambition and great ideas turn their understanding of a consumer or business problem within a market into a new product or service solution.
Marketing Is So Much More Than Just a Sales Tool
Over at Mashable, Todd Wasserman wrote a piece about most social media marketing being a waste of time. Todd’s premise is simple:
12 Sales Tax Tips for Small Businesses
Sales tax rate calculations are complex. With more than 11,000 jurisdictions and taxability rules, it can be a nightmare to ensure compliance. To help your small business, we offer you 12 sales tax tips. Each tip was selected by an Avalara sales tax expert, and is designed to help you stay on top of the ever-shifting sales tax landscape.