Newsletter Archive: February 2010

What Not to Do on Your Business Website
While the need for even having a website has come increasingly into question (don't get me wrong...I still suggest having one in most cases), there are a lot of things to avoid if you are operating one. Frankly, a really bad web site can be worse than not having a website at all.

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Using Facebook Because That's Where People Are
In my last article, I asked, "Is Facebook as important to your strategy as Google?" Whether your answer to this is yes or no, there are a variety of reasons why Facebook can be a useful part of your mix. I was looking at an article I wrote about a year ago about driving traffic to your site with Facebook, and I noticed a comment left last month that tells an interesting story.

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Is Facebook as Important to Your Strategy as Google?
According to data from Compete, Facebook has surpassed Google as the top source of traffic for major portals like Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. In December, 15% of traffic to these sites came from Facebook and MySpace. 13% from just Facebook. They say it's among the top traffic drivers for other types of sites as well.

What Does Google Buzz Mean for Small Businesses?
By now, you have no doubt heard that Google has released a new product called Google Buzz. It's part Gmail feature, part social network, and part information aggregator. I'm not going to get into a long explanation about what it is. You can read my version of that here.

Email Newsletters: How It's Done
Although email newsletters are one of the oldest forms of marketing, they are still effective. As seen below, popular blogger Darren Rowse of, says this about utilizing email, " is really the way that most people, young and old from different generations [and] different backgrounds, access information on the Web."

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Prioritizing IT Can Lead to Increased Revenue
Microsoft has released some research that suggests a direct correlation between IT usage and business growth for small and midsize businesses. According to the company's findings, businesses using hosted services have better financial performance.

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Target your email promotions based on customer preference - Try Campaigner FREE for 30 Days!

Small Businesses Still Waiting to Hire
In the Small Business Opinion Poll from EMPLOYERS, small business decision-makers indicate that it will require over 12 months for their businesses to return to pre-recession levels, in terms of annual sales. In addition, 41% say it will be more than 10 months before they start hiring.

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