Newsletter Archive: July 2009

Small Business Owners Not Prioritizing Retirement Plans
Principal Financial Group has released the findings of a study conducted by Harris Interactive, which show that many small business owners have no plan for retirement. The group says that the economy creates disconnect between stated priorities and reality.

5 Steps to Manage Your Brand's Reputation On Your Own
You probably know by now that protecting the reputation of your brand online is critical to success. Word spreads fast on the Internet, and whether or not something is true, it can spiral out of control in a short time. That is why it's important to monitor what people are saying about your product, your business, and their experiences in dealing with you.

Why Wait for Customers to Find You on Twitter?
The other day, I received a notification in my inbox that I was now being followed by the Kentucky Theater. If you are not from the Lexington area, you probably have never heard of the KY Theater. It's an old-time theater that shows movies as well as performances. But that's beside the point.

Ways LinkedIn Can Help Small Business Owners
LinkedIn has been running a series on its company blog in which guest authors (small business owners in some cases) share some ways that LinkedIn has helped them run their businesses.

Back-To-School Spending Predictions Mixed
While doing their back-to-school shopping this year, it seems that parents of young kids are likely to opt for the 8- or 16-color packs of crayons rather than the 1,038-color mongo boxes. But according to what consumers indicated in an National Retail Federation survey, spending on college-aged individuals is going to rise.

Combine SEO, Blogging and Social Media for Results
Ten years ago companies reached their consumers through trade shows, print advertising, and other traditional marketing methods. Today, consumers start their shopping experience by looking on the Internet, in search engines, the blogosphere, and social media. In order to remain competitive, businesses need to be found online.

BBC Tracks Growing Confidence In Small Biz Owners
For some time, about the best we could hope for while tracking various optimism-measuring small business reports was that lots of people wouldn't sink into clinical depression; even neutral (overall) feedback has been hard to find. But the BBC's now delivered with a study in which no one felt worse on a month-over-month basis.

Ideas For Keeping Employee Morale High
This week, SmallBusinessNewz published article about how employers are controlling employee morale. We looked at results from a survey conducted by HR firm TriNet.

Try MySpace MyAds - $50 Credit
Millions spend time on MySpace every day - why not expose them to your business by advertising on the country's largest social networking site?

5 Things You Can Do to Spark Media Interest
A little extra attention never hurts, and if you can get some media coverage for your business, you can get a lot of extra exposure. This is generally free exposure, at that.

Get Your Customers to "Buy Now."
We talked recently about getting your products in Google shopping searches. You don't have to be a Google Checkout user for this, but if you are a Google Checkout user, Google is now providing a "Buy Now" button that could prove to be a much needed call-to-action for users.

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