Newsletter Archive: July 2010

Consumers Plan To Spend More On Back-To-School Shopping
Consumers are planning to spend more this back-to-school shopping season than in recent years, according to a new survey by Deloitte.

Majority Of Small Business Owners Are Happy
The majority of American small business owners are happy, despite economic challenges over the past few years, according to a new survey from TD Bank.

Googler Discusses How To Discover Start-Up Ideas
Established businesses may not need new ideas; it's hard to argue with a product line that is already profitable. On the other hand, even successful products an be improved - think where we'd be if people hadn't started adding seatbelts, power steering, and eventually airbags to cars - so a post from one Google employee about finding startup ideas may be worth a look.

Verizon One Year Free High Speed Internet
Verizon High Speed Internet + Phone - Our ultra-fast Inetnet for business

How to Deliver an Effective Marketing Message
Why is it so difficult for marketers to get their message to stand out? Although the marketplace is already overcrowded and is continuing to grow, it is possible for messages to be heard.

Custom promotional products at awesome prices -
Long lasting customer communications! Put your message on these exciting, affordable products.

How Social Trends Benefit Business
Although many businesses now realize the power of social media, they have a hard time discerning which social services are effective and which are not. To make matters worse, new social sites, services and applications are emerging almost daily.

Small Business CEOs Optimistic About Growth
While CEOs of small to medium sized businesses have lowered their expectations for the pace of growth in the overall economy, they remain confident that, over the next twelve months, they will increase revenues and profits as well as hire new employees, according to the Vistage CEO Confidence Index 2nd quarter results.

Talk to All Your Customers and Increase Sales
Talk to all your customers, increase loyalty and watch your business grow. Send your customers coupons, sales announcements and newsletters with VerticalResponse.

Verizon High Speed Internet + Phone: Save Over $440
Verizon's total business solution.

AT&T Adds Mobile Apps For Small Businesses
AT&T said today it has partnered with Apriva, a wireless payment provider, to offer new mobile payment applications that can improve productivity and cash flow for small businesses.

Sam's Club Gets Into Small Biz Loans
Sam's Club has long been popular among people who like to save money while still buying brand name goods.  Now, it looks like Sam's Club could also gain favor among small business owners who need to flat-out receive cash, as it's experimenting with small business loans.

Small Businesses Create More Jobs
Small businesses were, on average, able to add employees once again last month. According to new data from Intuit, an impressive 18,000 new jobs were in fact created in June, extending a positive run even as a couple other stats also improved.

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