Newsletter Archive: July 2012

What's the Difference Between Marketing and Advertising?
If you think marketing and advertising are one and the same, there's a pretty good chance your marketing efforts are being less than successful.
Free Guide: Learn How Using Autoresponders can Increase Sales and Conversions
Autoresponders are an automated, timed series of emails. You can use these to tailor your message to exactly where your customer is in the buying cycle. Use this technique to introduce your products to new customers, educate them and build interest. You'll get more leads, conversions and sales.
Are You Making It Impossible For Yourself To Win?
Whether they know it or not, the vast majority of people reading this message are currently making it impossible for themselves to win. Allow me to explain, by asking you a few questions:
How to gain a powerful competitive advantage and grow a massively successful business
Social media listening. Social media monitoring. Social media tracking. Social media intelligence.

There are many descriptions of how we can use social media as a listening tool, to complement (or replace) our more interactive approach where we converse too.
How to gain a powerful competitive advantage and grow a massively successful business
One of the most effective ways to gain a valuable advantage over your competitors, is to do something that generates great results, which they’re not doing.
Reddit Is The 800-pound Gorilla In The Room
Reddit is the 800 pound Gorilla in the room and has been for years. No one talks about the powerful and direct influence that this quirky, impenetrable, and oddly still-underground this social sharing site is. While people are writing post-after-post about Pinterest,, Google+, Facebook, Instamatic, and Twitter, reddit's eating everyone's lunch – at least when it comes to authentic bottom-up self-organization.
Mashup Your Data And Turn Average Campaigns Into Great Campaigns
SEOs building email lists (and email retargeting subscribers) just got huge help in the form of data mashup artists Rapleaf and Rapportive, two tools for gaining data on your email contacts. The impact will mutate weak little campaigns into car-throwing raging hulks.
The Startup Spouse: On Risks, Trade-Offs And Never Sleeping On The Floor
"I quit my job today," announced my husband, Seth Rosen, as he casually dropped his briefcase and strolled through the front door of our apartment. As if it was no big deal. As if quitting one's job is a routine occurrence. To be fair, Seth had talked about leaving his day job to work full time with his best friend, Mike Salguero, on, a website they had recently purchased. And, to be fair, Seth had asked me repeatedly how I felt about the move. I had assured him that, in no uncertain terms, he had my unequivocal support -- mostly because I didn't think he would actually do it. ...
What Most Small Businesses Are Doing Wrong on Social Media (And 5 Tips For Success)
I'm taking some vacation time this week and I'm actually going to stand waist deep in the Columbia River in Oregon and cast for Trout. (Don't worry I won't hurt any I'm strictly a catch and release kind of guy.) While I am away, I have a great lineup of guest bloggers filling my shoes. This post is brought to you from Dave Kerpen.
LivingSocial Opens Doors to Offline Facility
LivingSocial is a well-known coupon and daily deals site that offers its customers/viewers instant savings and deals for products and services offered by local and small businesses within the customer's area. LivingSocial is also a big competitor to the other well-known savings site of Groupon. A long battle of competition exists between these two websites.