Newsletter Archive: March 2012

How to Make Your Customers the Hero of Your Story
I use the idea of hero a fair amount when I talk about what we do. I don't use it in an egotistic way, more aspirational really than anything. I think aspiring to be a hero to someone is a good thing.
5 Online Tools to Help Run Your Small Business
There are myriad of business tools out there that can help businesses do everything from acquire customers and prospect leads, to collaborate and share documents, provide billing and even customer service and retention, re-marketing and more. So how do you determine what services can help your specific situation and which are better left alone? By looking at your business needs you can find specific solutions that can meet those needs. Here are five tools that are useful for different reasons, and a great place to start if you are exploring solutions. Definitely do your own research and leave any additional tips in the comments below.
Great Ways To Develop Your Business
One of the most powerful ways to develop your business, is to focus on being useful.
5 Ways for Small Business to Jump on the Big Data Train
The idea of something that's being called "Big Data" has definitely reached the trend tipping point. Tech firms like are all about it. PR firms are forming teams to promote it and consulting firms have their business technology teams all over it.
What Jobs and Ford Can Teach Us About Opportunities
Steve Jobs and Henry Ford were known for many things. One of which, was their ability to deliver what the marketplace wanted, without waiting to be asked. This post looks at what we can learn from them.
Reliable Office Supplies Online Exclusive Deal
$20 off your office supply purchase of $100 or more* ENTER COUPON CODE "EG" at Checkout.
Will Your B2B Campaign Win With Pinning?
For creative marketers and small business owners out there looking for ways to spice up their B2B relationships, the increasingly popular social media tool Pinterest is worth a second look. You may have heard about the virtual pin board's use for designers sharing home improvement ideas, but it also has interesting applications for a B2B campaign. Here are a few things to consider before setting up an account:
On Women: Leading, Mentoring and Changing the Face of Business
March is Women's History Month. Some 10.1 million firms are owned or co-owned by women, 40 percent of all businesses in the U.S., says the Center for Women's Business Research. Between 2002 and 2007, women created almost twice as many businesses as men, according to data from the Census Bureau.
14 Ways New Facebook Betrays Small Business
I get it. The IPO is coming, and even though Facebook is the largest seller of online advertising, it has massively under-monetized its inventory due to the relative paucity of big-brand spend. Most of Convince & Convert’s clients are larger corporations (or the agencies that serve them), but we’re a small business and work with a few as well, and I never thought I’d yearn for the cozy embrace of Google and it’s methodologies and mechanisms that were – and are – small biz friendly.
How to Succeed with Your Internet Business
So, making a success out of your own internet business has turned out to be a lot tougher than you hoped. Boy, have a lot of us been there! You keep working harder and putting in more effort, but you can't gain any momentum. Take it from me, the solution you're looking for isn't more, it's less. Let me explain.
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