Newsletter Archive: May 2012

How To Make Better Decisions
Today's post is about how to make better decisions and how to improve your decision making process.
How to Use Landing Pages to Drive Leads
Discover how to create the perfect landing page that will successfully capture visitor information and leads.
7 Quick Tips to Boost Your Facebook Ad Performance
Facebook has proven to be a great source of cost effective traffic for many advertisers. But as the Facebook advertising market rapidly becomes more cluttered, the challenge is for business owners to make their campaign stand out.
25 Awesome LinkedIn Tips for B2B
In a lot of industries, when you say social media, people automatically think Facebook and Twitter—sites known around the world as some of the most popular, effective ways of engaging with prospects. But for B2B businesses, from custom food packaging companies to the makers of a particle counter, it's LinkedIn that is the real winner—the network whose users are mostly business professionals with a business mindset, where it's easy to keep potential clients informed and where there's great potential for attracting leads.
The Freemium Business Model For Small Businesses
Once upon a time, business was easy. You created a product, put a price on it and sold it. Competition either tried to make the product cheaper or with different features so they looked like the better option.
How To Give Your Employees More Productivity
Do you ever feel that there is not enough time in the day, week, or month? If you do, then you are not alone. Sometimes, not enough time for work-related projects can make your employees unreliable and non-focused; however, new research from Harvard Business School has emerged that can help the productivity of you and your coworkers as well.
Special offer: Try Carbonite, get 2 free months
With Carbonite Business, you'll get automatic and continual online backup so you can rest assured knowing your back up is up-to-date. And best of all, it's affordable.
What Is The Business Return Of Attending A Conference?
TopRank receives a lot of value from having me speak at conferences but you don't have to be a speaker to realize a positive return from events. Small, large online or offline, there are numerous ways to optimize and maximize your return on conference involvment both in the short and long term.
New Bulk Listing Management Tool Introduced by Google Places
Google Places has introduced an upgraded bulk listing management tool. These improvements are aimed at helping the business owners and search marketing professionals with multiple locations. The new features allow for more convenient upload and management processes.
Everything You Wanted To Know About Twitter Chats
I've been very active on Twitter for about four years now and I would say the aspect that has changed the most in that time is the explosive popularity of Twitter Chats. Twitter Chats have become an important networking and sales tool. In fact, you can even make money off of Twitter chats. So let's take a deep dive into this important social media trend.
Differentiate Or Die!
While I am usually preaching differentiation to large businesses, I have been working with a lot of small businesses lately in my workshops and online courses. Seems like 2012 is the year that a bunch of small businesses decided to get serious about digital. And some of them aren't always happy about my advice, because their differentiation has always been about their location. If you own a retail store or a local service business, your marketing has probably been lame, but you've never had to pay for that before. With digital marketing, you must differentiate or die. Let me explain.
6 Leadership Tips For Small Business Owners
Being a small business owner can be rewarding in many ways but can be frustrating as well. Trust me, I know first hand! Unlike many small business owners out there, I was thrown into this lifestyle without really thinking about whether or not this was a good choice. You know the saying, "If I only knew then what I know now?" Well, that was me! I love saying that statement now to myself.