Newsletter Archive: November 2011

Study: Facebook Still the No. 1 Social Media Platform for SMB's
According to the Fall 2011 Attitudes and Outlook Survey from Constant contact, small businesses are becoming more savvy with social media marketing and are using it more & more to interact with customers.
Key to digital marketing success?
One of the things that distinguishes me in the world of social media blogging is that I am old at least old enough to remember how things used to be before we were digitally tracked, sliced, diced, priced, immersed, consumed, and tethered to these social platforms.
Small Businesses Not Utilizing Social Media Like They Should
All Twitter is pointing to an infographic illustrating the findings from the study, conducted by Social Strategy 1 and OfficeArrow. The study surveyed 343 execs from companies with less than ten employees.
Google Checkout No More. Google Wallet Takes Over.
Google announced that it is dropping Google Checkout, and will be transitioning it to its newer product Google Wallet.
How to Be Present for Your Business
The ability, some might say attempt, to multitask is a curse of sorts. While working on ten things at once may seem efficient, each of those things gets roughly 10% of our greatness while we’re doing it.
$500 Cash Back | Bank of America Merchant Services
If you don't already have a Bank of America business checking account, now's a great time to open one and sign up for Bank of America Merchant Services. Not only will you be able to improve cash flow with faster access to your cash, but you'll also receive all the benefits of working with the number one-rated electronic payments company in the industry
Using Google+ For Business
Google+ has been a useful business tool since it was launched. Immediately, people started following relevant people and adding them to Circles. People started engaging in interesting conversations and even video hangouts. There is clearly a lot of potential for business from a platform that lets you to connect to customers like this.
SITE-WIDE SALE: Save 20% on Everything!
Every month, we imprint over a million promotional items for many uses: customer retention, tradeshow giveaways, employee appreciation, new customer generation, brand awareness, and new product launches.
Small Business Blogging Tips for Beginners
It’s no secret that companies allocate a great deal of time and effort to develop credible blogs that draw additional traffic to their sites. Unfortunately, small business owners oftentimes find themselves at a disadvantage. They might not have the experience or finances needed to establish a blog that will increase their company’s SEO — or so they think.
Blog Usability How to Reach Your Blogging Happy Place
Congratulations! You're a blog owner. It has a catchy name. After submitting a blog post, you're amazed at the inbound traffic. The ads in your sidebar are paying your mortgage. People recognize you on the street as that "Cool Blogger". Next year, you'll retire to some tropical island because your blog success is like winning the lottery. Or not.
The Joys of Working With Small Business Owners
Sometimes they’ve already got a business, whether it’s a storefront, a home office, or a retail space. Other times it’s just an idea that they want to bounce off me to see if it makes sense. Often the person comes in covertly during their lunchtime so their boss won’t know about their desire to escape the cubicle and create something new.
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