Newsletter Archive: October 2009

What You Can Learn from Amazon to Increase Holiday Sales
There is a reason Amazon is widely known as one of the biggest retailers online (if not the biggest). The company knows what it's doing.

Finding the Right Social Media Strategy
Whether you like it or not, the increasing popularity of social networks is likely to factor into how successful you are in attracting new (and old for that matter) customers online. Consider that people are more frequently turning to the Internet to find online ratings. Consider also that consumers are going online more for research in general, and that is opening up opportunities for both online and brick and mortar businesses.

New Virtual Private Server Pricing from Verio
Get Enhanced Security and Dedicated Resources for Whatever You Need to Host with Linux Virtual Private Servers Now starting at $29.95!

Social Media Success Stories Identified
It never hurts to have a role model, and this morning, small businesses that use social media were pointed towards not one, but five. Kogi BBQ, the Marsh Cafe, Duke of York's Cinema, Wiggly Wigglers, and Howies have all made great strides in this area.

Are You Delivering the Mobile Experience Customers Want?
Placecast recently shared findings from a Harris Interactive poll on Americans and location-based shopping. The firm found that a fair amount of consumers are interested in receiving opt-in mobile alerts from their favorite places.

Grow Your Business Today With Email Marketing
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What Consumers Think About Recession-Related Marketing
Adweek Media and Harris Interactive polled 2,186 U.S. adults between September 25 and 29 to find out what American consumers think about advertisements that use the economy as a marketing tactic. As the firm says, advertisers have to decide how to deal with the issue of the recession. Some simply ignore it, but many have incorporated it into their messaging.

Using Google's Wonder Wheel to Find Relevant Keywords
Earlier this year, Google hosted an event called "Searchology," at which the company announced its search options. These options come in the form of a link on Google's search results pages, which simply says, "show options."

Google Local Listing Ads Debut
We'll be upfront about something here: only companies in San Diego and San Francisco can currently take advantage of this offer. But Google's rolling out something that should at some point help small businesses in a lot of places reach potential customers online.

Social Media Can Drive Your Search Success
In case you haven't figured it out yet, social media and search can compliment each other quite well. Social media leads to links, which lead to better search engine ranking. On top of that, a lot of people are simply searching within social networks themselves.

Google Gives Your Business its Own Page
Last week Google launched a new Google Maps feature called Place Pages. The purpose of these pages is to include as much information about places (which can be businesses or cities) in one spot. So for example (the example Google used upon announcement), if I search for "Burdick Chocolate Cafe" on Google Maps, and I go to the more info link for its listing (it's a place in Cambridge, MA), I will get reviews, photos, the map listing, directions, street view, and more.

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